Ideas Worth Sharing, Things worth sharing (felix Kusmanto)

Saat ini terlalu banyak informasi di sekitar kita.

Informasi datang dan pergi. Terkadang yang bagus pun hilang terbawa waktu.

Terganti dengan informasi yang buruk dan tidak bermanfaat. 

Page ini saya buat untuk menyimpan dan membagikan informasi yang menurut saya pribadi bagus, bermanfaat dan layak di share.

Dibuang sayang apalagi hilang! (sambil dicari di folder-folder yang lama-lama). Semoga bermanfaat.

March 2013

Boston Consulting Group – The Companies Piloting a Soaring Region

Harvard Business Review- How to Win in Emerging Markets: Lessons from Japan

Human Capital Developmetn In Singapore: An Analysis of National Policy Perspective

Into Indonesia Pageup People Research: Talent Management Essentials in an Emerging Democracy

National Human Resource Development in Transitioning Societies in the Developing World: Concept and Challenges

Development of a National HRD Strategy Model : Cases of India and China

Reflections on the Invited Response : Dominant Themes in Current NHRD Research

February 2013

Jakarta Globe – Dahlan’s Struggle to Change Indonesia’s State Firms

9Gag- Dear Vegetarian

9gag- infromation vs knowledge

This banana is better than those bananas

Accenture – The New Customer Equation. pdf

Al Jazeera – Steeming the Tide (Jakarta)

Boston Consulting Group – Creating People Advantage 2012 .pdf

Boston Consulting Group – From Capacity to Profitability.pdf

McKinsey – Meaning at Work.pdf (please subscribe the McKinsey Quarterly to access the article)

PwC – World in 2050 The BRICs and beyond: prospects, challenges and opportunities.pdf

Newsweek – Futurama

The Jakarta Globe- Indonesia’s Bill on Mass Organizations Curtails Rights, UN Experts Say

The Jakarta Globe- Why Ahok’s Chinese Ethnicity Is Not a Problem in Today’s Jakarta

Youtube – Working at Google 

Wanted Badly : A Malaysian Jokowi

January 2013

Harvard Business Review – Big Rise in MBAs Makes the Degree Less Exclusive

December 2012

Al Jazeera – Indonesia’s Killing Fields

McKinsey – Education to Employment.pdf

Building Social Business Models: Lessons from The Grameen Experience

Harvard Business Review – Should You Outsource your Brain?

The Telegraph – David Cameron becomes hero of Papuan tribes

Youtube – Forgotten Bird of Paradise (full version) – undercover West Papua documentary

Emerging Business Models in Offshore Outsourcing

Youtube – Indonesia Steps toward political transparacy 

November 2012

Gallup Consulting Group – A Succession Plan That Works. pdf

Masterplan Pengembangan Indonesia (MP3E1). pdf

Kompas – Basuki dan Wali Kota Beijing Bahas Sampah dan Banjir

Kompas – Bangun Bandar Antariksa, Lapan Kerjasama dengan Korea Selatan

Kompas – SBY Turun Tangan Membereskan Upah

RMOL – Capres Accidental

TEMPO – Robot UGM Juara di Korea

Youtube – Miss Tibet 

October 2012

Harvard Business Review – 9 Things People do Differently.pdf

Harvard Business Review – McKinsey 7-s Model (Org Alignment). pdf (It is a good article, you should buy it from HBR)

Harvard Business Review – Stop Making Plans, Start Making Decsions. pdf

McKinsey Government designed for new times

RMOL – Lost Generation, Indonesia Kekurangan Pemimpin

TEMPO – Cara SMA 70 Hapus Budaya Tawuran 

September 2012

The Jakarta Globe- McKinsey tells RI: Shape up

The Jakarta Globe – Supporters: Gus Dur’s Pluralist Ideals More Relevant Than Ever

McKinsey – The Archipelago Economy: Unleashing Indonesia’s Potential. pdf

TIME – Gangnam Style’ Doubles the Value of PSY’s Father’s Company

TIME – Immigration Debate: The Problem with the Word Illegal

Al Jazeera – The Last Frontier (Malaysia)

August 2012

McKinsey – War on Talent .pdf  

TEMPO – Baterai dari Lumpur Lapindo Sidoarjo  

July 2012

Harvard Business Review – Beyond Greening


June 2012

Youtube – Paved Paradise – Bali

February 2012

Youtube – Future Kubuqi

Youtube – Amazing Rechargeable car

Youtube – Java Rhino Filmed

January 2012

Harvard Business Review – How to Hang on your High Potentials.pdf

The Jakarta Globe- Indonesia Draws Record $19.3 Billion in Investments

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