About Felix Kusmanto Briefly

Talk with the Indonesian Migrant Workers

Talk with the Indonesian Migrant Workers

Felix Kusmanto is a young and vibrant Organizational Psychologist who has had the privilege to work with large multinationals such as Petronas,  SONY Malaysia, Genting Group, Robert Bosch Malaysia and other MNC’s companies throughout Malaysia and Indonesia. He has served as an Organisational Learning and Development Consultant to design, conduct and evaluate various talent development programmes that could transform talent into organisation’s sustainable competitive advantage. He is known for his works in assisting companies in developing High Performance Culture, managing cross generation and developing employee value propositions to engage employees at work.

His background as Psychologist, as applauded by his clients, has helped him to conduct an in-depth Training Need Analysis and holistic post assignment evaluation which are essential to ensure the effectiveness of his development programme – Bringing tangible outcomes that have positive impacts toward employees and organisation’s bottom line.

Other than doing consulting assignments, he regularly appears as a speaker or moderator in various talent development related radio shows, lectures, talks and conferences to talk or highlight the latest trend in talent development subject. Recently he was invited by RRI Channel 3 to share his views on “Leadership in a crisis – Indonesian Context”, the talk was aired across 30 provinces in Indonesia. Recently he had been appointed as a moderator for four international sessions in Indonesia 10th Human Resource Expo which was held at Jakarta Convention Center in December 2015.

Felix is also a university lecturer at Universitas Katholik Atma Jaya where he teaches undergraduate students Training and Development as well as Organisational Change and Development subjects respectively. He has had his papers presented and published at conferences. Recently his paper was presented at 2nd ASEAN Academic Society International Conference in Bangkok, Thailand.

When he is not busy consulting, teaching and traveling on business trip he is found writing or taking pictures in mount Bromo where he supports Rumah Baca Cahaya Tengger in Tosari, Pasuruan.

Felix Kusmanto

With Pak Keno in Bromo National Park

Felix is also often discuss and write on subjects outside mainstream interests and concerns but are based on real-life issues about places and people as well. Articles can be read here and in Kompasiana

Felix Kusmanto with Kompasiana Team

With Kompasiana’s Core Team

Currently, working and living in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Email   : felix.kusmanto@yahoo.com

Twitter : @felixkusmanto

LinkedIn: http://id.linkedin.com/in/felixkusmanto

14 thoughts on “About Felix Kusmanto Briefly

  1. Hello ~ I find some interesting subjects on your blog. I have a BA in psychology and an MA in Couples and Family Counseling, so we share an interest, as well as photography, environment, art. I’m glad I found your blog via most recent posts.


    • Glad to know that my blog pleased you. I would be very happy if I can update you as soon as there is an update. But personally Im not really sure how to subscribe my blog.

      Perhaps one thing that we can do is using facebook. Perhaps you can drop your Facebook id. and I will add your Facebook.
      From facebook I can always update you. How does it sound?


    • Hai Mbak Ika, terima kasih sudah mampir. Untuk UT di penang ada baiknya ditanyakan langsung dengan teman aku, namanya Mas Mahfudz. di 0122588211.

      Bilang Mbak Ika dpat nomornya dari ak.

      Semoga bermanfaat.

      Felix Kusmanto

  2. mr felix …stelah sdikit mmbaca ..rasanya menarik untuk mndapatkan modal tanpa anggunan..yg saat ini sy sdg berusaha mncari nya.krn buat modal usaha mngisi toko alkes yg dikota kami blom ada…mhn bantuan solusi cr modal usaha buat cv sy yg bergerak dibidang alkes..bs dikirimkan ke fb kami:yulian ina trimakasih mr felix

  3. pak felix…sedikit menanggapi kalau di daerah faktor kesulitan utama usaha adalah di permodalan contohnya saya, untuk mengajukan pinjaman di bank aja sulitnya minta ampun karena kendala ndak ada agunan yang pantas dan pengajuan kartu kredit no respon, padahal kami hanya perlu 30 juta untuk mengembangkan usaha perdagangan daging/kasrkas bebek dan ayam, mohon pencerahanya, trims yustinus.

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