An Insight into NGO Challenges and the Need for Organisational Capacity Building for Malaysian NGOs

This exploratory research was aimed to examine the need for Organisational Capacity Building for Malaysian Non-Governmental Organisations NGOs). Six Representatives from six different Malaysian registered NGOs across categories and sizes were involved in the study through a judgmental sampling.

These representatives were selected by the researcher from a database secured by a former student who conducted a research on NGOs. All participants were involved in In-depth interviews. Responses were analysed through Personal Analysis and Rank Order Data Analysis to answer the research objectives.

The findings of this current research indicated that Malaysian NGOs were not of any exception from the global phenomenon of reduction of funds. However, most of the NGOs in this research were able to manage the reduction of funds issue by leveraging on untapped sources of revenues.

Besides the issue of reduction of funds, NGOs in Malaysia were also having issues on governance and management.

However, all the NGOs believed that Organisational Capacity Building intended to help them be more professional, is able to help them address the issues of management and governance within their organisation. Leadership Skills, Proactive Attitude and Strategic Thinking Skills were the three aspects which are sought after for individual development, whilst Strong Leadership, Clear Organisation Structure and Human Resource Management were the three aspects needed to be implemented in NGOs.

Contact me for further details of the report.


Felix Kusmanto


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  1. Yee berkata:

    Hi am I able to get a report on this? Current doing some research on the challenges faced by NGOs

    1. FelixKusmanto berkata:

      Hi Yee. yes please let me know your email. Thank you

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