Photo Essay: Street Orchestra (United Kingdom)

Many people believe music is an art, just like any other forms of art, like painting and photography for examples… However, as usual, many people also perceived art as a vandal or something odd when it is displayed or portrayed in non-conventional form. Just like a graffiti on street walls, Street Orchestra is sometimes perceived so as well.

Some people know it is there, but tend to just ignore it.

Some other people know it is there, try to digest, enjoy it and go.

Some people out there, appreciate it and make good about it.

Is Street Orchestra a take away show?

This photo essay will try to portrait  few British street musicians who were trying to bring warmness among commuters who were freezing due to December’ 10  blizzard. Moreover, Street Orchestra is trying to show that Street musicians is  more than just a take a way show. It is also about passion, sharing and learning.

All the best for those street musicians out there.

Pass and go, just another take away show

(Saxophone fade in) I could hear the Saxophone from a distance. It echoed through both the tunnel and the platform. Oh yes it was lovely… (Saxophone fade out together with the foot steps)

At Durham during cold winter

A young guy was sitting  in the middle of the bridge of Durham with his accordion, (Accordion fade in) played it well…until the symphony filled the atmosphere. Freezing but yet warm.

Happiness is a warm gun

Not far from Durham, another accordion was played with a warm smile from the its owner. Happiness is a warm gun.

Among the crowd

Beside the second accordion was the trumpet. He played his trumpet with a slow background music.

Solo in the tube

The Tube. I was surprised! This young man suddenly entered the stage with his accordion. People found it interesting. Because he moved from one carriage to another.

You may watch

From Scotland with heart. Please put your money before you take my photo mister…

Attention on him

His eye-catching jacket and his skill were really magnets. The stage became even more lively

last sonata

The show was enclosed by two young musicians. They played their cello along the crossing tunnel.  Such a great echo.

(Cello fade in)……..

(cello fade out)…. People passed


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