Photo Essay: Wisdom from the school bus

As an individual we are aware that our life is not that long, short perhaps, around 77 year old is the life expectancy in average , lucky if we get reach 90 or 100. Therefore you better plan your life as soon as possible. Choose which dream that you want to achieve. Your dream must be rational and attainable. Like choosing which bus will take you to the right destination.

Guide your life. Follow the path that you have planned. In the future perhaps you will face one or more obstacles during your journey but its fine. Just do the right thing, keep guiding your life on the track. Take a rest for while if you want and go on again.


As soon as your life is steady perhaps you may want to include people around you or even the special one to support you and vice versa. Let them experience how is your life. Let them merge into one into your life/ your self. Let them and you walk through out the time to your goal or even now your and their goals.

This one is optional for those who are not faith on it. Some people are not recognize any religion in this world, but in other hand they believe in what they called superpower. It does not matter. You may call it Allah, Jesus, Budha, Shiva, or anything. Just pray to your faith. Let them make you stronger during your journey.

Perhaps if you are the one that only believe in your self. Then faith to your self.


6 thoughts on “Photo Essay: Wisdom from the school bus

  1. Iseng ngubek2 blog lo ini bagus banget gue suka!!
    tapi gue jadi mikir selama ini mimpi2 gue rasional ngga ya? haha

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