Photo Essay: Different Side of PENANG

At the Platform

A Boy Who Waved to Me

It was neither a Hawaiian’s flowers nor Military Parade which welcomed me as soon as I arrived in Penang by Train at 06.00 AM. It was boy who welcomed me. A little boy from Inside the train.


Early Morning Customer

A cup of tea or coffee with accompany of one or two friends are just nice combination for breakfast in Penang. During breakfast time, many of  kopi shops around the island are fulled with these regular customer. I was observing this man, having his tea.

Breakfast 2

Early Morning Customer (2)

Another vivid image shows a man having his breakfast. A cup of tea is just nice. I guess people in the restaurant were aware that I was a guest there. Since many of  them looked at me and smiled.


Time for work

Time for work. He did not care whether I would take his picture or not. I was not his business. His business was with those Singkong?


I still want to sleep

But those routines (breakfast and work) were not applicable for all. At Least for this man, a Becak paddler. Perhaps he was too tired and need more sleep. I just wondered when I took this image “what is in his mind right now”. Any way I have some others images that show a similar image.

Laksa's seller

Laksa's Seller near Aceh Street

Warm and humble are some words that I can dedicated to him. Served me with his best Laksa in Penang. It locates near Aceh Street. I had my laksa under the tree. I really like his Laksa and his kindness.


Uncle From Armenian Street

Kind, Warm, Helpful, peacefu, openl and family man are those some characters that I can dedicate to him. I spent sometimes to have a conversation with him, He was talking about Penang now and before, his family, his shop and so on. When I come back to Penang, I promise I will come with a photo of him.  I can not wait to see his smile and his story.


Market or Church?

What is the best way to see human’s civilization in term of  trading or exchanging? the best way is by looking at its trading place. A market. This building has serviced for public since many years back and its functioning as it before. Looks like a church but it is not. It is a traditional market. Many people still doing their trade here, mostly for fish and meat.


Becak now and before

No such thing as machine that can move people from one point to another point. No such thing as Rapid Penang at those time. But there was becak, while in fact it has survived through decades or even more. Human’s power that moved people from one point to another last time. Interestingly this mode of transportation still exist in Penang and has become extra point for Penang’s attraction.


Time to Time

Can you imagine how beautiful this  block last time? I was trying to imagine about it when I took this image. Looked up, pretending calling somebody up there. I wish I could capture the vivid image of the boy behind the window. He did not want me to take a photo of him



Abandoned is a right word for this site, mamak place site. I found this site when I was walking for nowhere. It was looked this place had been abandoned for quite long time. I met three new owners of this site. They were three cats.

In the morning

early morning

I like when I was there. It was chill and quite. The clouds give another dramatic atmosphere for me personally. I came back to this place the next morning. To capture another angle of this church.

Church and Grave

Church and Grave

Worship place plays an important role in most society, especially in this case is eastern context. When somebody is buried in front or in worship area sometimes it means the person is great. Great in terms of his contributions, achievements, ideas and even because others respect to the person.

Milo, Char kway teow, Siomay

Milo, Char kway teow, Siomay

one of Penang’s attraction, is its Char Kway Teow.




Laksa from Aceh Street!


Mix Rice

Mix Rice from Chinese stall

Mix Rice near from my Guest House.



Nasi Kandar

Nasi kandar from Indian Stall


Nasi Goreng with egg on top

Nasi Goreng with egg on top

Nasi Goreng with egg on top from Malay Stall. It was located near Penang National Park’s Dock


This is it

This is it

This is my last image for this post. Hopefully you enjoyed my experiences

Please drop some comments and tell your friends about this photo essay.

Thank you


14 thoughts on “Photo Essay: Different Side of PENANG

  1. Great pictures! Like the pictures of the people you met and making in black and white was GENIUS!

    By the way, are you sure the the ‘monument’ in front of the church is a grave? – it doesn’t look like one.

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