It was like a dream, but it was real

It is all about my experiences in Jakarta last December-January ( 16th Dec 08- 6th Jan 09) holiday. I put it, into several photos. Enjoy it.

I went back for about 20 days. and I almost didn’t waste any single day stayed in my house. I spent my days with friends, family, and my girlfriend.

The first day of my holiday, I went to old batavia (old district of Jakarta). I was alone. Because all my friends were in campus at that time. For about 1,5 hours spent my time around this area. Imagined how beautiful this area  hundred years ago. sat on the park’s bench inside the museum, that was peaceful.


I Met this aunty. she was talking on the phone before I called her, to get the permission to take her photo.

talking on the phone


I met this boy as well



I took these three photos from my girlfriend birthday party




And these photo when we were in Vincent’s house. BBQ party during Christmas eve.




This banana split is my favourite. I went to Ragusa Ice cream with my girlfriend



Here are my Grandma and my Grandpa during Christmas lunch in my house.




These two photos were before and after new year party. We spent the whole day in Bintaro, South of Jakarta.



This photo was taken the night before I went back to KL. Debby came to my house. nothing to do, I couldnt find any DVD to watch. when i got the VCD, my laptop refused to help me. it couldnt read the vcd.

Luckily my camera wanted to help me. so me and Debby spent the night with camera.



Overall this is my last photo. But I really like this one. because from this photo, I can write this post.


It was like a dream, but it was real.

It was like a dream, but it was real.

Last sentence. It was like a dream, but it was real.

THEY ALL WERE THERE, but everything passed so fast, just like a dream but it was real..hahahahahaa

exactly like the last photo



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